Signs that He is Ready for Marriage

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Dec 16, 2011

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Signs that he is ready for marriage

If you cannot help but wonder when your man would utter those magic words, “Would you marry me?” some signs that have been explained here can help you out. The problem is that you cannot do anything to hasten the proposal. It cannot be made to happen but only allowed to happen. Eventually, your man would say those delightful words, but you can always look for signs that indicate that it is coming soon.


  • Financial independence – This is perhaps one of the most obvious factors that make a man feel like he is ready to have a wife. If he is struggling to make both ends meet, it would hardly be welcoming to think about the expenses of providing for his partner. If you freak out at dance clubs and constantly indulge in casual sex, it is not the right way of hooking up with your life partner. Choose a guy with a stable income instead, and you might soon find yourself being proposed.
  • Maturity – If you find your man outgrowing his ways of life as a bachelor, it can be an indication of maturity setting in and the desire to have stability in life. If his outing plans have changed from hanging out with single pals, and he insists on being with you, brighten up. The signs are good.
  • Behaviour in a wedding – Do you find him making fun of the exchange of vows when you go to attend a wedding? Or is he taking interest in the couple’s choice of dance song or selection of meal? If his interest is leaning towards noticing of finer details of a marriage instead of bachelor-like indulgence, you can expect a proposal in the near future.
  • Acting like a husband – When your man is ready to take you as a wife, his behaviour would change. He would make plans about the future, ask you to meet his family, and the inclination to tell you about how his day went is a tell tale sign. Moreover, if you find him making room for your things in his closet, marriage proposal is not far. You can prompt him to do it by suggesting in ways women know best that you are ready for the tie the matrimonial knot.


If you are not sure about your man proposing, start to notice the way he acts. Be particularly focused about his talks about a future together. That is the best indicator of his thoughts about a life partner.


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