Purab Kohli reveals his fitness routine in this exclusive rapid fire game

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Dec 17, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Purab Kohli believes in a fit body more than a muscular one.
  • He says that the best part about being fit is the confidence you get.
  • His diet rule to stay fit is to keep away from sweets.
  • He insists on keeping posture right while exercising.


What's the quickest way to get washboard abs like SRK's in OSO?

Workout 27 hours a day in the gym.


The diet rule that every celeb says one should follow, but don't themselves...

Stay off sweets.


The body you aspire for?

A fit body more than a muscular, chiselled one.


Temptation comes in the form of?

Ice creams, and a good pair of legs.


The best part about being fit?

The confidence it brings.


A simple fitness mantra you want to share...

Do what you like, but make sure your posture is right. Hey, that even rhymes.


Image source: newwomanindia.com

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