Preparing for worst Travel Scenarios

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Nov 02, 2011

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Preparing for worst travel scenarios

No matter how good a traveller you are, bad luck can put you in more than a spot of bother while travelling. What can worsen the situation is the lack of information on ways to deal with the situation. If you are aware of the worst travel scenarios and the recourse some people have taken in the past, it can help you out of trouble.


Accident of your rented car

Accident of the rented car in a foreign country is altogether different from that in your own country. You may have to contend with police who do not speak your language and of course, the person whose vehicle or property you have crashed into. Before driving out of the hire company with the rented car, talk to them about what to do in such a situation. They are most likely to give you an emergency number for crashes. Moreover, make it a point to file the police report in order to claim insurance. Consult with your insurers to see if you are covered. Your home, auto, travel or credit card may have you covered. You would be well advised not to drive at night in foreign countries, and if you must, ask the locals whether the streets you need to ply on have street lights or not.

Natural disaster strikes

As in your native country, or perhaps more so, you need to follow the advice of the authorities responsible for responding to you in this situation. The next step is to get in touch with your local consulate or embassy. Try to contact your family and friends as soon as possible. The website of your country’s local consulate or embassy would have information local hospitals, pharmacies and doctors. If you do not have access to the internet, find a prominent hotel of the area and request information there. You can avoid the situation by getting to know the local weather conditions and current updates before going on the journey. Also, be aware of whether you have medical insurance cover when travelling abroad.


You face legal problems (get sent to jail)

Chewing a gum in Singapore is illegal. This is just one example of what can land you in legal trouble when abroad. If you are held up or arrested by the police in a foreign country, the first thing to do is to get in touch with the local consulate or embassy. You are subject to the laws of the country you are visiting but your country’s embassy would ensure that you are protected by legal counsel. To avoid this situation to ever arise, get yourself acquainted with the travel warnings of the country you are visiting. For example, some prescription drugs are banned in other countries but allowed in India. If you carry them abroad, do so with the prescription to verify whether it is legal or not.

You lose your wallet

If your wallet contained cash, credit card, ATM card and possibly passport, losing it can really feel like the world coming to an end in a foreign country. The first thing to do is to calm yourself down and get rid of the panicky feeling. Look for an internet connection to report the loss of your items, credit card, ATM cards and others. You can use Western Union Money Transfer to get money from your home country. That would require you to produce some form of identification. Your consulate or embassy may help with that. To avoid such circumstances, keep your cards and higher cash denominations in a money belt under your clothing.


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