Steps in Pain Management for Various Types of Pain

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Jan 31, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Pain management can help you with acute or chronic pain.
  • First step in the management of any kind of pain is diagnostic.
  • Most kinds of pain can be relieved by physical therapy.
  • Pain that psychological issues bring may need counselling.

Let your pain and you don’t be together! The beauty of the pain only lies in not being felt. Whichever part of your body hurts, you would desire only one thing: for the pain to end. From mild headache to constant joint pain, one thing that you should enlighten yourself with is how to find a speedy relief from it. This is when pain management gains prime importance, in particular when you suffer from acute or chronic pain.


pain management


Steps in Pain Management

Diagnosis: The first step in the management of any kind of pain is diagnostic to determine the cause of the pain. Only after the cause becomes known, a personalized prescription will be developed, usually using a multi-pronged approach.


Thepary: When pain is a result of musculoskeletal problems, it can be relieved by physical therapy. In this case, exercises will be prescribed to help relieve the nerve compression that is causing pain. Massage therapy and acupuncture are some of the approaches that prove effective for pain management.


Medication: Most of the health experts are conservative about using medication for pain relief. In some cases, it is necessary to be used. They will generally try to use other therapies to gradually reduce the need for medication if possible.


Psychological Consultations: Pain that emotional and psychological issues bring may need counselling. It is common for people with chronic pain to become depressed and feel like they will never be well again.



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