Overweight Women may not be able to Reap Benefits of Morning-after Pill

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Nov 26, 2013

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The next time you purchase an emergency contraceptive; do not be surprised to read “this pill may not be effective for overweight women” oObese womann the label.

The French Manufacturer HRA Pharma was conducting a research on a separate topic related to emergency contraceptives when the scientists found out that there was a clear impact of weight on the effectiveness of the drug. The emergency contraceptive that they scientists were conducting a research on is called Norlevo. While they were doing the study, they realised that the pill was losing its effectiveness when the women taking it reached 75 kilograms, or 165 pounds. There was an absence of effectiveness in men who were 80 kilograms or 176 pounds.

Emergency pills are often referred to as morning pills because they interfere with ovulation and prevent the fertilisation of the egg. The FDA is as of now reviewing and analysing the available as well as related scientific information on the issue.

Because the number of obese women participating in the study were only a few, it was hard to make broad recommendations based on research.


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