Negative Pregnancy Test and Missed Period

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May 17, 2011

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  • Pregnancy test can be negative if you have miscalculated your periods.
  • One reason could be that you are not following instructions well.
  • Another reason could be low level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.
  • There can be many surprising reasons for late periods.

When you are expecting good news, it is really disturbing to get the reverse. To get a negative pregnancy test result can be sad, know all about it and make things different the next time.


negative pregnancy test after missed pregnancy

Whether you are trying to conceive or not a negative pregnancy test along with a missed period can create a stressful situation. However, it is not common for woman to get a negative test result when she is pregnant. Here are some of the possibilities that can lead to negative pregnancy test in pregnancy and delay of period when women is not pregnant.


Reasons of negative pregnancy test in pregnant women

Pregnancy test can be negative if you have miscalculated your periods and conducted a test accordingly. Moreover it is also important to follow the instructions carefully before conducting the test. The time duration of the test must be given due consideration before interpreting the result.

According to a review conducted in 1998, the accuracy of test result when conducted by experts was 97% and it was reported to be 75% when they were conducted by consumers. The difference in accuracy of test result is mainly due to misinterpretation of instructions by the consumers.

Other possible reason for a negative test result in spite of being pregnant can be low level of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). After implantations, hCG gets double on daily basis and will reach 20mIU/ml/hCG till the tenth day after ovulation. However, in every woman hCG develops at different rate – some women have to wait longer for getting the good news while the others can get it much before due date of their period.

Conducting pregnancy test with first morning urine sample gives most reliable result. If your schedule doesn’t permit you to take the test in morning then avoid drinking water just before the test. Drinking fluids just before collecting urine sample for test can dilute the pregnancy hormones present in the test leading to negative test result.


Other then pregnancy there can be many other possible reasons for delayed or missed period

  • Late period can be one of the main reasons of negative pregnancy test. Having irregular menstrual cycles is normal for some women. Sleeplessness, stress and anxieties are the other factors that can lead to missed period and finally a negative pregnancy test.
  • Stress and anxiety increase the level specific hormones. For instance on being stressed body starts producing cortisol, the stress hormone. On being stressed for long durations the balance of reproductive hormones gets distorted leading to delayed menstruation.
  • Travelling can also lead to delayed period. This is because travelling can have effect on body's circadian rhythms.


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  • sarita12 Mar 2013

    mere mc last month aaye thi eight week hua ab tak nahe aaye. Pregnancy test is negtive hai pls give me the advic.

  • pooja01 Feb 2013

    mujhe period nai huye h meri date 28 ki thi pr5 day ago ho gye h or period nai huye maine apne hasbend k sath 2 baar sex kiya h kya mai pregnent hu kya karu k pata chal jaye bahot tension sa hota h plz bataye k pata kaise chale ,plz help

  • shital04 Jul 2012

    mere mc last month aaye thi seven week hua ab tak nahe aaye. &pt is negtive hai pls give me the sdvic. shadi ko ek sal hua hai.

  • shital04 Jul 2012

    mere mc last month aaye thi seven week hua ab tak nahe aaye. &pt is negtive hai pls give me the sdvic. shadi ko ek sal hua hai.

  • ashita07 Apr 2012

    i have missed my periods by 6days and have got negative results showing no pregnancy as i was having antibiotics before getting my monthly cycle.please help me wat is the reason of my missing periods.

  • kanika04 Feb 2012

    i m suffering with same problem of neg test n missed period... is that i had water in d morning as soon as i got up n then collected i got neg result..? m in big dilemma,....wat to do or not..? plz help me

  • sarita10 Aug 2011

    hi, i m 37. i missed my period and i m not pregnent..can u tell wat i do

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