Mortality Rates from Liver Cirrhosis can be reduced by Drinking Coffee

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Apr 03, 2014

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A new study done by researchers has found that drinking two or more cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of death caused by liver cirrhosis by 66 percent. The researchers found that drining coffee each day reduces risk of death from liver cirrhosis, especially the one that is caused by non-viral hepatitis.

drinking coffee cuts risk of death from liver cirrhosisPrevious studies showed that heavy use of alcohol increased the risk of death from liver cirrhosis. According to a report from the World Health Organization published in the year 2004 estimates that every year 1.3 percent of the total number of death cases is caused as a result of liver cirrhosis.

Evidence from the past suggests that coffee can possibly help in the reduction of liver damage in patients suffering from chronic liver disease. The current study examined the various effects of consuming coffee, black tea, alcohol, green tea and soft drinks on the risk of mortality from cirrhosis.

The study which is a prospective population-based study, also referred to as The Singapore Chinese Health Study, had recruited 63,275 Chinese subjects between the age group of 45 and 74 living in Singapore. For the study, the patients were followed for an average of 15 years. During this period, there were 14, 928 deaths from which 114 were because of liver cirrhosis.

The findings indicate that those people who drank at least 20g of ethanol every day were at a greater risk of cirrhosis mortality compared with those who were non-drinkers. In contrast, consumption of coffee was linked to lower risk of deaths from cirrhosis.

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