Mass Gathering at London Olympics a Global Health Concern?

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Jul 25, 2012

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Mass Gathering at London Olympics a Global Health Concern

Amidst the electrified excitement about the London Olympics, has the probability of you suffering from a disease (if you going to watch the big event prima facie that is) struck you yet? If not, it is perhaps time to think over.  


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According to health experts, the mass gathering, such as the one that can be anticipated in the London Olympics, can be a breeding ground for disease from across the world. The experts say that such a big event may have consequences for the host nation as well as those coming to be a part of it.

The theory is such that thousands of people packed closely together are likely to accentuate the spread of diseases. Professor Ibrahim Abubakar brought into notice the existing risks that are from diseases that already exist in the host country and that from other countries.  He pointed out one instance of an influenza outbreak during the World Youth Day in 2008 in Australia. Apart from health, the increased air travel and spread of diseases can have serious implications to security as well as economic activity throughout the world.

The report by experts, which highlighted the spirit of disease spread, also highlighted the challenge of managing a large crowd and pointed out the stampede that took place at the 2012 Love Parade in Germany. The stampede killed over 21 people and injured 500. According to Ziad Memish from the Ministry of health, Saudi Arabia (it is about to hold the world’s largest annual mass gathering- The Hajj), mass gatherings are about “catastrophic stampedes, collapse of venues, crowd violence and damage to political and commercial infrastructure”.


Tips to Stay Healthy during the Olympics


If you must go to watch the Olympics, keep these tips handy.

Stay Hydrated:
no, this is not only for the participants, but also everybody who is going to comprise the audience. Sure you may expect to find yourself standing in Olympian lines to use the restrooms, but there is a solution to waver that off: drink a few glasses before going to bed at night.

Never Forget the Sun Block at Home:
The thrill of the matches is to stand on your feet and forget the sun that is likely to spoil the fun if you were to bother too much about its presence. Carry a sun block just to avoid patches of dark and white on your skin post the Olympics.


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