Jab to Stop Blindness in the Elderly

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Apr 17, 2012

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Jab to Stop Blindness in the Elderly

Researchers have discovered cure for the most serious form of macular degeneration that cause blindness during old age. The one-off injection promises to keep old age diseases at bay, allowing aged individuals to persist with their regular activities. This allows old men and women to entertain themselves by reading newspapers, or watching TV.

Age-related macular degeneration causing blindness affect individuals having surpassed 60 years is a consequence of deterioration and death of the cells in the macula. This disrupts retinal portion that allows one to see straight ahead, and robs sufferers of their central vision. Moreover, dry form is also the one that affect eyes gradually in the old age.

Trinity College London scientist panel reached at the conclusion that age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can be prevented from entering its serious form. Research panel performed tests on animals and human eyes that were donated to medical research. Scientists observed that immune chemical, namely IL-18 is the one responsible for converting malady from moderate to critical stage. Therefore, scientists inferred that raising levels of IL-18 in the eye will restrict macular degeneration process.

Dr Matthew Campbell, head of research panel elaborated on the findings by quoting, ‘It means if you take someone with dry AMD and inject IL-18 into the retina, you could potentially prevent them from ever getting wet AMD.’ Campbell stated that research is at an early stage, but augmenting levels of IL-18 in retina with dry AMD could restrict wet form of the disease in individuals. Researchers are still finding a way to inject IL-18 into eyes so that chemical is optimally consumed when needed.

Breakthrough on onset of wet macular degeneration will be the one of the biggest achievements of healthcare in recent times, remarked Fighting Blindness Ireland’s Avril Daly, a charity institution that part-funded the research.



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