Is Biking an Effective Method of Weight Loss?

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Aug 01, 2012

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Is Biking an Effective Method of Weight Loss

Biking is a great exercise to burn excess body fat and improve cardiovascular health while breathing in fresh and pollution-free air. The amount of calories burnt by bicycling depends on your body weight, intensity of your ride and its duration. One hour of biking at medium speed burns over 400 to 500 calories that you may otherwise be able to burn after three hours of rigorous gyming.  


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Biking for Weight Loss

If you aim to shed extra pounds, biking can pose to not only be highly beneficial but also an interesting workout because while losing fat, you get to see outdoors and enjoy a stint with nature. People, who opt for “starving” through diet plans, tend to regain weight quickly than those, who reduce extra pounds by engaging themselves in vigorous physical activities. One hour of biking cuts downs 500 calories i.e, bicycling daily for an hour will eliminate 3500 extra calories, which is equivalent to losing approximately one pound.


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Manifold Benefits of Cycling

•    Aids in cutting down calories and getting rid of unwanted weight.
•    Works for improvement in cardiovascular fitness.
•    Improves resting metabolism rate.
•    Significantly decreases the risk of lifestyle disorders, such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.
•    Increases exercise stamina and intensity in a controlled manner.
•    Can be a fun activity; you may combine bicycling with family/friends bonding.
•    Prevents you from falling prey to various weight-loss programs in lieu of paying exorbitant amount of money.
•    Helps to build muscle mass and sheds off body fat.
•    Provides a complete workout for legs, bottom and arm muscles by toning and strengthening them.
•    Bicycling tones the body’s core region i.e. the abdomen and back, improving your body postures and balance.
•    Bicycling is an exercise that is easy to build progression in making you achieve your fitness goals sooner than other sources of workout.


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Required Dietary Changes

If you have started reaping the benefits of regular cycling routine and find yourself stronger and healthier than ever, it is time you make some dietary modifications.
•    You have to increase your intake of whole foods and whole grains.
•    Knock out all sources of unhealthy fats, such as fatty and oily food items (junk and fast foods) from your diet.
•    Fuel your body for rigorous bicycle sessions by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.
•    Drink milk to improve muscle strength.



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