Physical and Psychological Pain Caused by Abortion

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Jan 25, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • The sensation of pain when deciding about an abortion is a relative one.
  • What might be painful for you may be manageable for others.
  • Options that induce foetus expulsion cause cramp like pain.
  • Surgical procedures use anaesthesia, causing no pain until completion.

Abortion is always associated with pain and discomfort. This, however, does not make it right or wrong. Whether or not you wish to undergo an abortion depends on your personal choice and preference. Clinics or doctors, who provide a rosy picture of abortion in a bid to do more business, are clearly not the best choice to prefer. Before you resort to the procedure, it is important to be aware of the facts.

pain caused by abortionWhen you put forth questions such as “is abortion painful?” associated hassles must also be explained. Doctors, who tell you that an abortion is a cakewalk, are only concerned about their personal income.

Is abortion Painful?

The sensation of pain is a relative one. What might be painful for you may be manageable for others. Keeping this fact in perspective, some things related to abortion pain are listed as follows:

  • All forms of medical abortions that try to induce expulsion of the foetus through medicines are more painful that surgical procedures because expulsion of the foetal cells involves strong cramps that will result in period like pain during and after the abortion has been completed.
  • Surgical procedures that are invasive in nature, usually, involve the usage of anaesthetics during the course of the procedure. Therefore, no pain will be felt until the process has been completed. As soon as the anaesthetics cease to act, you will start feeling cramps that may last for several days post the abortion.
  • The intensity of pain felt during medical and surgical abortion will vary from person to person. Cramps may last from 5 minutes to over a few hours. Pain killers such as Tylenol may be prescribed for managing the cramps. Usually, women will be able to return to the normal chores within a span of a few days post surgical abortion.
  • When women seek answers to questions like “is abortion painful” they may not be referring to physical pain alone. The most crippling aspect of abortion related pain is associated with emotional and psychological duress, which is likely to last a lifetime. The sensation of losing one’s own child accidentally or intentionally may continue to haunt for years together.

No matter how simple abortion has been made out to be, the decision to undertake one must be well deliberated and contemplated. Remember that the scar associated with abortion can remain for life.


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