4 Hydrotherapy Exercises for Lower Back

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Jun 26, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Hydrotherapy exercises for the lower back promise relief.
  • These are performed in a hot tub or swimming pool.
  • These include leg raise, knee raise, leg stretch and walking.
  • It can also help prevent the likelihood of other lower back problems.

There may be several causes of back pain that range from slipped discs to nerve damage. Whatever the cause is and however mild or severe it is, it stamps a halt in your daily activities. The good news is that hydrotherapy exercises help a great deal in alleviating back pain. Hydrotherapy exercises are those that can be performed in a hot tub or swimming pool.


hydrotheraphy lower back


Knee Raise Exercise

To do the knee raise exercise, stand in water on one leg and keep the knee slightly bent. Hold on to a support such as the side of the pool and grab your leg with the other hand. Gradually bring the knee close to your chest. Repeat the exercise at least three to eight times in accordance with the guidelines. Once you have completed the repetitions, switch the legs. The knee raise exercise helps to strengthen not only the lower back but also the muscles in the hips and legs.


Leg Stretch Exercise

In the leg stretch exercise, you put the weight of your entire body by resting it on the side of the pool or some form of support with the help of your hands. Gradually outstretch the body and legs into the pool as long as you are comfortable. The best part of doing this exercise in water is that it will help you come to the position without much effort. If you are scared of losing grip and drowning, you may use a floatation device. This exercise helps stretch all the muscles located in the back along with the back and shoulder joints.


Walking is in itself one of the best forms of exercises. To soothe the muscles and joints, walk forward and backward in the water with your chest high. Walking offers no significant impact on the hip joints and knee and is therefore, a good exercise for arthritis patients. If you want to make the exercise more demanding and fruitful, you may add hand weight.

Leg Raise Exercise

The leg raise exercise is similar to the knee-raise exercise. To do the exercise, stand on one leg bending the knee slightly while taking the support of the side of the pool. Raise one leg without bending the knees as high as you can. Lean forward slightly and raise the leg behind you as high as you can. Once you have raised your legs backward and forward, do the same on the sides. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs, hip and lower back muscles.

One must make sure that he/she does these lower back exercises after consulting the doctor.



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