How to Prevent Joint Pain during Pregnancy

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Jul 02, 2013

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During pregnancy, many women find that their once-fluid joints become sore, stiff and painful.

Acute pain in a woman kneeJoints becoming sore or stiff is a natural pregnancy discomfort. The primary reason for this displeasure is the increased force on joints when a woman's frame grows. The increased weight impacts the joints severely.


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In most cases, the discomfort is minor but it can be dealt with a few lifestyle modifications. There are many things that you can do to reduce some of the pressure off the joints. Some of the easiest ways to  prevent joint pain during pregnancy are as follows.

Stay on the move

When standing, stay on the move to take stress off your joints. A pregnant woman should avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time. Moreover, keep stretching your legs and moving your ankles.

Low to moderate intensity exercises

Many of us  think that if stopping exercise  will reduce pain. However, it is the other way round. Engaging in low or moderate exercise (such as prenatal yoga) during pregnancy keeps your joints pain-free and loose. Most women benefit greatly from exercising throughout their pregnancies such as shorter labour or faster after-baby bounce back. An expectant mother must take a walk every day, unless their health care practitioner has advised not to exercise.

Take rest

Pushing yourself too hard could be one of the reasons for sore and painful joints. Don’t attempt to push too hard when doing household chores in this condition, as you may increase the severity of the pain. Besides being physically  active, it is also important to rest. Make sure that you get your eight hours of sleep every day. Moreover, when you find yourself tired or fatigued, get off your feet and take some rest.


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Hot bath or sauna

To ease the pain in joints, try a warm bath before bed in order to relax your muscles. Doing this as routine will make your discomfort more manageable. A hot bath not only helps reduce the pain but lowers stress levels all over your body. It  relaxes the muscles and prepare you to stay active.

When to call the physician

If your joint pain is constant and is getting worse with time, you must see your health care provider immediately. Swelling, redness or any sort of tenderness in the joints or in the adjacent areas should be reported to  doctor. It may not always be pregnancy related discomfort, but other conditions such as blood clot, which are quite common during pregnancy.



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