How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

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Mar 09, 2012

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Baby’s teeth become prone to the condition of decaying, as soon as these remain in prolonged contact with liquid, other than water. Liquid formulas or milk (including breast milk), juice, soft drinks are sugared water, the reasons tooth decay in babies. Sugar content of these liquids is converted to acid by germs in mouth. Thereafter, acid dissolves the teeth, especially causing decay of upper front teeth. Damage to the teeth and gums occurs on the basis of longevity of contact of liquid with gums and teeth; longer it stays more the damage. The first sign of bottle tooth decay is formation of white spots on upper front teeth that needs to be taken care of with timely intervention and treatment.

Importance of Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby teeth decay is a phenomenon, which is bound to happen after certain duration. Still, it is quite important to prevent the fall out of tooth decay.

  • The exercise of tooth decay prevention lays the foundation of permanent teeth. If a young one loses some teeth early owing to some oral positions, creating inadequate gaps and positions.
  • Decayed teeth or teeth with cavities lead to several oral infections. In order to prevent unnecessary dental surgeries or oral conditions like anaesthesia, early tooth decay should be prevented.
  • Source of pain: In case teeth cause pain due to tooth decay, which can affect daily nutrition and developmental phase of upbringing.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

  • Good dental care is the foremost for preventing tooth decay. In order to avoid germs those are present everywhere in the environment, take good care of children.
  • Ascertain that milk or baby food does not remain in baby’s mouth while he/she is asleep.
  • Limit the usage of bottle, which is recommended during meals.
  • Acquaint baby with practice of drinking from a cup or glass.
  • Sugary drinks such as flavoured milks, juice drinks or sodas should not be part of baby’s diet regimen.
  • Fluoride in water or toothpaste containing fluoride should be included in the diet.
  • Ensure dental health of the young one with regular dental check-ups.


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