How to Cope With a Clingy Toddler: Toddler Parenting Advice?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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Most toddlers become clingy at some stage; some pass through this stage quickly, but others don’t.  Here are some suggestions to help you to cope with this phase of your child’s development.

  • Make your toddler feel secure and comfortable; cuddle him, love him and play with him.
  • Let your toddler know in advance if he is going to meet strangers. Similarly if you are going to leave him in a new place, arrange for him to be acquainted with the people and the place beforehand.
  • Do not be overprotective; let him interact with other children.
  • Appear comfortable and relaxed when you leave him with someone else; if you appear tensed or agitated, he is going to feel anxious.
  • Do not sneak away, give a hug and say goodbye before leaving him with someone else; sneaking away will make him clingier. Assure him you will be back soon and he is safe there.

Let your child grow at his own pace; have patience and don't expect too much, too fast. Help him pass through this phase by being supportive, loving and caring.



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