The Right Way to Apply Hair Dye

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Feb 03, 2012
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If you want to apply hair dye for sport the young look, hair dyeing is an instant solution. But do you know the correct way to apply it? Here is a guide for you.

hair dye applicationYou may try natural methods of preventing hair greying if your greying of hair is unnatural. Getting your hair dyed or coloured in a parlour would be too heavy on the pocket, especially if you need it regularly. Often people keep on dyeing their hair for years without bothering to know the most efficient ways of going about it.

Tips to Dye Hair Effectively

  • Check your hair: Before deciding to apply a dye, the most important thing for you is to determine whether it can harm you hair or not. Much of this depends on the health of your hair. If you are just looking for a dark shade to cover the natural greying with age, your hair roots may not have lost strength despite the change of pigment.
  • Test the dye: You should take a strand test of the hair dye before applying on your hair. You can snip off a strand of hair, seal one end with a cello tape and apply bit of hair dye. The directions that come with the hair dye would tell you the time you need to keep it intact. Check the result after removing the colour after the stipulated time elapsed. If you like the colour, well and good. If not, try one more coating of the dye following the same procedures. So, in this way you have the chance to check out the results in a strand of hair before applying on the whole of your head.
  • Sensitivity test: The dyes come with a recommended sensitivity and allergy test. Make sure they are done before you go about applying the dy.
  • How to apply: Shampoo your hair and part it in the middle. Wait till it is semi-dry before applying. Follow the instructions (which may vary with each brand of the hair dye) in mixing the dye. When applying, make sure that your dye covers the hair from root onwards, but does not spread on the scalp.
  • Care after applying dye: UV rays from the sun can damage your hair dye. So, avoid being in the sun for extended periods on the day you apply the dye. Wash the applied dye off only after 24 hours have passed. Make sure that the shampoo you use does not have the effect of removing the colour from your dyed hair. After shampooing, condition your hair but leave the conditioner on for five minutes.




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