How to remove hair colour from your hair?

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Jul 13, 2011
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  • It's best to attempt a removal before the colour sets in.
  • A hot hair wash can often tone it down a few shades.
  • Tomato juice is one option that can help neutralise the shade ideally.
  • One option to remove hair color is to go for a colour correction.


A new hair colour can boost your confidence level and personality. However, if you haven’t chosen your hair colour carefully, the result can be quite disastrous.

remove hair colour from your hairHair colour would require at least 2 to 3 full days to penetrate the cuticle. Its best to attempt a removal before the colour sets in. If you start within 48 hours of application, the chances of removal are bright. Some of the common home based remedies to remove hair colour include:

  • If you have donned chemical based hair colour, a hot hair wash can often tone it down a few shades. Complete removal, however, may not be a possibility. Make sure you do not use water that’s too hot as it might damage your strands and stunt growth.
  • A massage with hot olive oil of extra virgin quality could also help in removing chemical based colours. You need to refrain from using oil that’s excessively hot to avoid scalp and hair damage.
  • If the colour of your hair dye is green, tomato juice is an ingredient that can help neutralise the shade ideally.
  • Hair gels and shampoos are known to open up the hair cuticle with the blowing effect. Therefore, they might prove to be useful in removing permanent hair colour effectively. Washing your hair, however, with such a shampoo would not remove the colour altogether. They would just aid the removal process with subsequent washes.
  • There are some tried and tested hair colour removal products available in the market. You would require expert guidance when choosing one. Seek expert intervention for selection and learning the art of hazard free application.
  • If your efforts towards attempting to learn how to remove hair colour go in vain, the only available option is to choose professional hair colour removal. You need to pay up and book an appointment with a stylist who specialises in colour removal for freedom from unwarranted hair colour.

    One option to remove hair color is to go for a colour correction. Pay a visit to a color correction specialist as soon as possible because it is easier to remove dye from hair that has been colored just a few days back. Only professionals are qualified to use color removal products designed to remove hair color. There are products in the market that will help you remove the colour at home. You should read the instructions of use before you try them. What you can also do is re-colour your hair with another colour. But seek the advice of a hair specialist or qualified hairdresser because mixing colors can prove a bigger disaster.


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