Food allergy symptoms

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Dec 24, 2012

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Food is an essential part of life. Yet, it is sensible to be wary of substances that can cause allergy on intake. Some of the food allergy symptoms listed here might help in diagnosing the root cause of an allergy.

  • An initial itch on the upper part of the mouth is a significant sign of food not suiting the body.
  • Along with this, one might even face a problem in swallowing the portion of food; perhaps even face difficulties in breathing.
  • Nausea is another symptom of food allergy.
  • As soon as the food is taken inside the body, if the body rejects it in the form of vomiting, the particular allergen containing eatable must be avoided.
  • Vomiting is often accompanied by diarrhoea as well as a pain in the abdomen that is again a symptom of allergy towards that food item.
  • After the consumption of a reactive food substance, an otherwise edible food item, the person affected might start feeling giddy or lightheaded.
  • Eczema is another sign of food allergy.
  • In extreme cases of an allergen attack on the human system, the patient might get an asthma attack, which might result in the long term.


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