Fabulous Christmas Gifts for Friends

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Dec 21, 2011

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Fabulous christmas gifts for friends

Christmas is a major festival people across the world look forward to. Christmas has transcended from being a festival of Christian faith to a tradition followed by many people. It is the vigour, fun and frolic of Christmas celebrations that draws people to this dynamic festival. From the Santa Claus to the stockings filled with candies, children love this festival of carolling, feasting and gift giving.

Christmas celebrations may span over a month and the dates on which this festival is celebrated may vary, but the spirit remains the same. With Christmas comes gifting and people are enthusiastic about the gifts they give and receive.


Christmas Gifting Options:

Listed below are a few gifting options for your friends which will enlighten Christmas with a traditional yet creative fervour.


•    Books

If your friends like reading books, gift them a book which has recipes to make healthy festival dishes, diet cooking books for friends trying to lose weight or creative ways to reduce stress using Christmas tricks like gifting presents, making everyday special. Gifting books to children to include works of fiction based on Santa. Make every moment happy with a book of Christmas carols and prayers.


•    Ginger Bread House

There is no better way that to add sparkle to the celebration with a gingerbread house that is tasty yet healthy.  The gingerbread house with its jelly and icing and candies make it an ideal Christmas gift. To prepare the flour use unsalted butter, whole wheat pastry and unbleached flour.  You can also use other healthy alternatives like using icing glue instead of sugar glue, use all organic ingredients, and use brown sugar for the snowflake effect on the gingerbread house, candies which have fructose instead of sugar. 


•    Cake

Cakes form a crucial part of Christmas celebrations and worldwide plum cakes top the list. There are innovative ways to make the cake healthy like adding fruit topping, using brown sugar and sugar free icing on plum cakes if you chose to ice the cake with a personal message. Decorate the plum cake with dry fruits, nuts, red wine, rum and caramel to add the dash of Christmas colours to the plum cake.


•    Basket of Chocolates

Friends usually choose to give each other a basket of chocolates; you can mix a variety of milk chocolates, dark chocolates, jellies and candies to brighten up Christmas. Baskets of chocolates are best shared with friends over red wine and enjoy the fervour of Christmas with flavour.

Wish you A Merry Christmas!


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