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  • Chhay21 Oct 2012

    What different between Dengue classique and Dengue Hémorragique? How do we know? Is there any biological test for showing?

  • pinakisamal01 Oct 2012

    This is a good information for patients

  • Tayyab21 Sep 2012

    the ectching in den gue is disastereous

  • soumitha12 Sep 2012

    good article........

  • sumita12 Sep 2012

    nice info...

  • khan 21 Aug 2012

    Dengue and malaria fever are the most prevalent tropical diseases that spreads with bites of mosquitoes. Malaria is caused by the parasite named plasmodium while dengue is a viral infection. The symptoms of dengue and malaria appear similar in some aspects but certainly fever pattern in both the diseases is different from each other. Symptoms Dengue starts with sudden onset of fever that last for long duration (about seven days). This fever can go up to 39.5-41.4�C (103.1-106.52�F) and is acc