Coping with Pregnancy Sickness

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Jan 25, 2013

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One of the major discomforts associated with pregnancy is the sickness that comes along with it though it can turn out to be an easy time through provided that you brave it with the right mindset and arm yourself with correct information.. Furthermore, the sickness spells might prove to be more unsettling if it is your first pregnancy. Repeated sessions of pregnancy are considered to leave you easy on sickness spells. The best thing to do is to get hold of some strategies for coping with pregnancy sickness while consulting your care giver or obstetrician.

Coping with Pregnancy Sickness

  • For starters, you need to accept that sickness or nauseous spells during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. Every pregnant woman experiences it in some form or the other. In fact, 85% of pregnant women experience at least one such session and 55% experience two sessions every day during the first seven to ten weeks after missing the first monthly period.
  • It also is also important to remember that the spells would more or less occur at the same timings during the day. Therefore, preparing for them wouldn’t be just as difficult. For example, if you experience persistent morning sickness immediately after you wake up, you could keep some dry crackers ready for munching on an empty stomach. Similarly, some lemon pieces can also be kept handy for sucking on to reduce the nausea.
  • Coping with pregnancy sickness will  involve utilising the sickness free spells in between. Use them to keep your system hydrated and rejuvenated by choosing the right kind of food alternatives. Eating right will often help in combating pregnancy sickness effectively.
  • Choose to refrain from food items that would worsen pregnancy associated sickness. Some of these include raw or undercooked eggs, liver, peanuts, soft cheese, patties etc. These foods are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria that might cause stomach infection and worsen pregnancy related sickness spells.
  • Avoid exposure to odours as much as possible. Prefer consuming cold foods and ask your family members to cooperate. Avoid odours of some specific things such as tea, coffee, perfumes, cigarettes and fatty foods as they can prove to be repulsive.
  • Carry a sickness kit whenever you go out..
  • Refrain from consuming iron pills during your sickness spells as it can worsen your condition.

Sticking to these simple remedies for coping with pregnancy sickness should normally be enough. In case your sickness spells get intense, seek medical advice immediately.



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