Benefits of Walking Meditation

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Jul 14, 2011

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Walking meditationIn walking meditation, the experience of walking is the focus through which your consciousness is nurtured. It is meditation with open eyes and active body. It is quite distinct from the usual form of meditation done while sitting. We need to be aware of our surroundings in walking meditation, as the focus is not completely withdrawn from the external world; you have to experience your environment – the sun, the wind, sounds of nature and that of humans and machines. It has some distinct benefits over sitting meditation.


Walking Meditation Benefits

  • Since this meditation is done when walking, it is suitable for people who like to walk rather than sit and contemplate. They can derive the meditation benefits without trying to persuade themselves to sit.
  • It has been noted that while sitting meditation does make you calm, it also has the tendency to make you dull. Walking meditation energises you in a skilful way as you become more aware of yourself while being active.
  • Some people are predisposed to be more intense while walking. It is easier for them to be aware of their body while walking than sitting.
  • Walking meditation increases your stamina for long walks. Your physical strength will increase.
  • Practicing meditation while sitting and walking alternatively improves your health. Meditation by sitting and walking helps in building good health. Sitting and walking makes a shift in your posture which increases circulation and thereby health.
  • Walking meditation improves your stamina for meditation. Since you need to concentrate not only on the walking but also on other movements, your mental effort increases. Being aware of both walking and movement involves intense concentration.
  • Walking meditation is very good for improving your concentration. You become very alert by concentrating on each object and distractions around you. By concentrating on each of the steps and movement, your concentration becomes convenient.
  • Performing walking meditation after eating helps you to keep your bowels clear. Not only will your digestive system be better but the common drowsiness after eating can be avoided by practicing walking meditation.
  • If you want to be mindful throughout the day, practicing walking meditation in the morning is a good way of achieving that.


The best part of walking meditation is that you can fit in your spare time. It could be a walk to the supermarket from the car or any such mundane work during which you can practice it and derive great benefits.


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