Do not play down the neem power, it has numerous benefits

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Jun 18, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Neem leaves are known for thier antiseptic and medicinal properties since ages.
  • Neem face pack will help you get rid of acne, white heads and blackheads.
  • Neem leaves have regenerative properties to help the skin fight pathogens
  • Mixing neem powder with lemon juice yoghurt will controls the excess oil and prevent acne.

Neem has been used for several skin treatments and medicinal purpose for thousands of years now. It has a favourable influence on our skin health owing to anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. High in Vitamin E, neem is nourishing and healing for the skin.


neem leaves benefits

The natural herb can heal cracked dry skin, improve the skin cell structure and treat acne along with the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The leaves, bark, twigs and oil from its seeds can be used in preparations for skincare products, psoriasis and fungal infections.


Neem leaves have plethora of benefits for skin. It can be used

As a face pack for glowing skin

You can prepare a fairness face pack from neem leaves, which will help you get rid of acne, dry up white heads, pull out blackheads and make pores less visible. To prepare the face pack, cut a few neem leaves and boil them with small segments of orange peel. Add a spoon of honey, yoghurt and soy milk to make a paste. Apply this to your face twice a week.

As a skin toner

The potion of neem leaves can be used as a skin toner to clear acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads. All you have to do is dip a cotton-ball into the potion and wipe your face with it every night.


benefits of neem leaves


As acne treatment

Regular application of a paste of neem leaves, grated cucumber and turmeric is an effective remedy for acne and pimples. Alternatively, take about 10 neem leaves and boil them with segments of orange peel in a cup of water. When they soften, pound them into a pulp. After it cools down, apply this to your face. Keep it until it dries and then rinse with cold water.


As blackheads treatment

Pour a few drops of neem oil in a half a cup of water. Apply it over the blackheads gently with your fingers.


Treatment to control excess oil

Those who have oily skin and are looking for some sebum control, they can prepare a paste by mixing neem powder with lemon juice and a spoon of yoghurt. It not just controls the excess oil but also prevent acne and infections, common problems associated with oily skin.


Remedy to remove pigmentation and blemishes

Mix powder of neem leaves with sandalwood powder and rose water to make a fine paste. Apply the paste on your face evenly and don’t rinse it until it dries.


As skin repairer

Neem leaves have regenerative properties to help the skin fight pathogens below the skin surface. It not only makes skin supple but reduces the effects of ageing.



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