An English Extravaganza called Olympics

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Aug 07, 2012

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In 1954, when asked what she wears to bed at night, Marilyn Monroe answered, “Five drops of Chanel No. 5” and thus, she became the poster child of the 20th century's most famous brand of perfume. Fashion has germinated since then into a popular subject so much that every International event has an eye on fashion as its messiahs propagate messages through their personal sense of style.


The ongoing London Summer Olympics has become an epitome of fashion and extravaganza with the big-wigs of the world attending the event. With the likes of David Beckham, Sir Paul McCartney, Daniel Craig, Brat Pitt, Angelina Jolie and English royalty Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton and Prince Harry (just to name a few), the London Olympics has shone like a diamond in the English heartland.


The Fashionistas


The Opening Ceremony seemed like a runway for fashion brands as the athletes from all across the world walked in for their parade. The best physiques in the world had the most extravagant designer brands on them; can you ask for a better fashion parade? The athletes adorned some of the most famous names from the world of fashion.


•    The United States’ athletes had Ralph Lauren design their elegant blazers and berets that had a militaristic feel to it. You will also get to see Nike Speed suits on the track and field athletes of the United States.


•    For the Great Britain, Stella McCartney, daughter of legendary member of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney, had stepped in to design the Olympic gear. Teaming up with Adidas she produced her Olympic line dominated by the colours of the Union Jack.


•    Italy is of course being the haven for fashion bows Milan, its Mecca. So, one can only expect the biggest of the biggest to help Italy flaunt their fashion sense. The national team of Italy got drenched in blue by none other than Giorgio Armani. And, if this was not enough then the Sailing team will be seen sporting Prada. Devil you say? No, its pure genius as far as fashion is considered.


•    Jamaica stood their ground with some authentic reggae flavour. The athletes are there to spread some love and peace with legendary singer Bob Marley’s grand-daughter Cedella Marley’s designs. However, Usain Bolt must be having different plans, you never know!


•    France is all about sophistication and elegance and so the best of French fashion stepped in and it was Hermès. Established in 1837, it epitomizes age old French elegance. People watched with wide eyes as the green jacket and red collars walked past their stands making history.


•    Watch giant Omega on the other hand is the Official Time Keeper for the London Olympics 2012 just like how it was in 1948 when the Olympics were in London last; an interesting tradition one must say.


Apart from the athletes, the visitors are bound to make news too, especially the English sweetheart Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge apparently wore a Christopher Kane blue satin and belted coat dress for the opening.


The great nation of England is proving to be quite a success when it comes to an affair to remember. In the words of English band, Pink Floyd, “Shine on you crazy diamond”.


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