5 Workplace Stress Factors you can Beat Right Now

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Feb 02, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Annoying co-workers can cause stress.
  • A bad start to the day means a stressful day at office.
  • Giving presentations in office can lead to stress in some.
  • Technological glitches can stress your nerves.

Stress kills and one of the most common origins of stress could be your workplace. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your workplace can kill you.
However, you could always fight the factors that cause stress at your workplace. But, before you fight them it is important for you to identify them.

Office Stress Factors

Irritating Co-workers

Most of us are surrounded by people in office who are annoying and can make you pull your hair apart. Their actions, their unnecessary criticisms and habit of poking into your job can make your office a hellish experience. Try to work through the day calmly by plugging in your earphones and listening to comforting music.

Bad Mood

A tiff with your household help, traffic jam, running late for office and many more things like these can upset you even before you reach office. When you don’t feel upbeat about work, you automatically enter a mental zone where you find it impossible to concentrate on work. This can cause stress. Go out for a brisk 10-minute walk or listen to some soothing music to calm your nerves.

Office Stress Factors

Public Speaking

The fear of giving a presentation in office can be a cause of enormous stress for many people. And if it is a part of your job, you are digging a grave for yourself. Try to prepare beforehand so the stressors can be minimised. Try to socialise with the listeners and that will comfort you well before you take the dice.

Technological Glitches

The stress caused by slow internet or sudden vanishing of the word document is beyond measures. These glitches which hamper your productivity are unbearable and lead to tons of stress. You could save your documents as you work so even if a sudden shut down causes your documents to close, you will not lose the data entirely. If matters have been worsening each day, speak with the human resources department or the IT and have your computer checked and revamped.

Work Overload

If you are burried under a pile of files which contain your tasks to be completed by the end of the day, there is nothing saving you from stressed nerves. To fight these work overload situations, you must learn to manage time. Pick sticky notes and write down your tasks on them and, as you complete your each task, strike them off from the list. This will reduce your stress levels dramatically.

Identifying the culprits is not enough. You must constantly keep fighting these factors to make conditions at your workplace more favourable.

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