Zumba: The new dancing way to get slim!

By  , Jagran Cityplus
Jan 20, 2011

Another addition to fitness freak's must-do list, Zumba, has caught the attention of the fitness crazy Bangaloreans in a big way. Zumba which is a combination of Latin dance and aerobics movements is the preferred style for weight loss too. Patrons are vouching for this dance plus exercise or Dancercise to shed pounds.


There is a story behind the origin of Zumba. It is said that it was used for the first time by aerobics instructor Beto Perez who is Columbian by birth. Once in his aerobics class, he used a rhythmic Latin music instead of regular music as he forgot to bring in the aerobic music. His students didn't complain as they had a great time dancing to the tunes. Soon it caught the fancy of many because of its foot-tapping beats and high energy movements.


Best thing about Zumba is that it is for everyone. It does not involve complicated moves like Salsa and other Latin dance forms. For Zumba, there is no age limit…from youngsters to senior citizens can reap the benefits of Zumba. Even it is safe for expecting mothers and new mummies. In fact, these days, Zumba is preferred by new mommies to shed the baby fat. A fun-filled Zuma dance is said to be very effective to shed those pounds in hips and bums.


Cityplus talked to a Zumba enthusiast Jennifer Pinto, resident of Banaswadi. This is what she has to say about the dance, "After giving birth, I tried everything from slimming centres to yoga and aerobics to lose weight but without success. Then I heard of Zumba and decided to give it a try. I could not believe that I had so much fun losing weight. I lost around eight kgs in six months. I learnt it under Dianne Cobb-Pennisi. As I have two-year-old baby to take care of, now I practise Zumba daily at home. What makes Zumba better than the other forms is that it's not boring. If you enjoy dancing, you will surely like this dance-exercise."


Zumba is all about easy-to-follow moves coupled with workout for fitness. It is great for those looking forward to tone their arms and legs.


A typical fun work-out session of Zumba will consist of heart-pumping dance session with fast and slow rhythms. This is combined with resistance training to tone and sculpt the body while burning fat. To spice up the things further, there is Latin music and international flavour to give Zumba its distinct identity.


As Zumba fuses Latino music with fun exercise regime, it allows the person to burn calorie while having a good time. The benefits of Zumba are long-term. Well-known Zumba instructor Dianne Cobb-Pensy who comes to Bangalore regularly to teach Zumba, says that Bangaloreans are catching up fast on Zumba. Her motive in the classroom is to tone up and lose weight in a party-like atmosphere with catchy music and fun moves.


In an hour-long session of Zumba, one is expected to lose around 500 to 800 calories. Of course, it is dependent on factors like your body type and the intensity of the exercise. If you are really serious about losing weight, you must combine Zumba sessions with healthy low-fat, low-calorie diet to get the maximum benefits.


Zumba at Home


To try Zumba at home, you will need dance gear or workout clothes, a T-shirt and sweat pants will be fine.


Comfortable dancing shoes or sneakers and Zumba DVDs or Latin music CDs. An instructional DVD will also help you immensely to get you started. Or else browse the net for Zumba dance clips to motivate you initially. Zumba is also taught in many health clubs and dance studios across the city.



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