Your weight during first pregnancy affects second offspring

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Jul 22, 2015

A recent St Louis research has found a correlation between how a woman weighs during first pregnancy to how it can impact her second baby. The research showed that complications can surface in second pregnancy even if they did not occur in first pregnancy or even if the mother was at healthy weight during the second time she got pregnant.

pregnancy complications
Jen Chang, Ph.D., senior author on the paper, said that even if mothers who weighed too much or too little may have an uncomplicated pregnancy and deliver healthy babies the first time, according to the research’s findings, they were still at an increased risk for adverse outcomes during their second pregnancy. This risk may not really go away even if the mothers are at a normal weight.

The bottom line is that women must not let their guard down even if things went well for them the first time despite them being at an unhealthy weight or if these moms were at a normal weight at the time of their pregnancy the second time.

According to the findings, obese women had faced an increased risk for neonatal deaths in subsequent pregnancies, even if their first pregnancy did not carry any complications. This was likely to cause significant health repercussions to public health. The researchers recommend health professionals to counsel women in their child-bearing age about the potential problems that an unhealthy weight can pose for pregnant mothers as well as babies.
The study has been published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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