You can Sniff True Love

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Dec 03, 2012

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You can Sniff True Love

A new research on sensory systems has found that our nose helps our relationships because it is the good sense of smell that is important for a long-term commitment. This study has been published in the journal, Biological Psychology.


The panel of researchers analysed people with no sense of smell and compared their findings with a healthy control group. The results showed that those who were unable to smell had more social insecurity than those who could smell. They also noticed that in men, the inability to smell led to fewer relationships than women.


It was found that men who had faulty sense of smell, on an average, have two partners in their lifetime as opposed to healthy men, who can have ten partners. The proposed theories were that that the lack of sense of smell makes men less adventurous and they find it hard to communicate well with opposite sex.


In women, it was found that both the groups can have same number of partner .i.e., four. But,  women who lacked olfaction (sense of smell) have low confidence in their partners.


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