Improve Digestion With These 5 Yoga Poses After Dinner

There are certain exercises that can help your digestive system. Here are some post dinner yoga poses to improve your digestion.

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Improve Digestion With These 5 Yoga Poses After Dinner

Working out after eating is not usually suggested by anyone. However, yoga is a form of exercise that can even be done after having a heavy meal. Yoga plays a major role in many daily bodily functions such as digestion and can also help in managing the problem of constipation. Yoga can act as a detoxifier for your body. It also helps in treating the feelings of indigestion, cramping and bloating that you mostly experience after overeating. There are various yogasanas that can help get your digestive system back to normal, which can be difficult after overeating.

There are certain yoga poses that one can do after dinner as they can help in better digestion of food, making it feel light in the stomach. Basically, it boosts your body’s digestion and improves the health of other organs as well. When we eat, the food goes into the stomach, where digestive enzymes breakdown the food for secretion. Yoga has poses that aim on stretching, strength and flexibility which can put strain on your stomach. Therefore, you need to be more careful if you are practicing such exercises after dinner so that you so not mess up your digestion process. Keep reading to know about some after dinner yoga poses to improve digestion.

Post dinner yoga poses for better digestion

Yoga is an amazing traditional way to help with digestion, but one needs to wait for sometime before doing the yoga asanas after having dinner. If you perform these asanas right after eating, there is a risk that you will upset your stomach even more. So, here are 5 yoga poses for improving digestion:

1. Vajraasana


Vajraasana or also called Adamintine pose is one of the best yoga poses to do after dinner. This movement mainly focuses on stretching the upper body and abdomen which also relaxes your breathing, thus helping with digestion. One should do yoga before any meal, but this asana can be performed easily after dinner as it promotes digestion. To do this yoga pose, you have to sit folding both your legs and placing them on your buttocks. And, keep your hands on the knees. Make sure to keep your back straight and take deep breaths and focus on deep breathing. Just stay in the same yogasana for atleast 10-15 minutes.

2. Seated cat cow

Seated cat cow is beneficial for your spine posture and a two-pose sequence. It helps in stretching and contracting your abdominal area. This yoga pose is a great exercise to improve digestion and does not let a meal feel heavy. It loosens up the food and makes the digestion process easier for the body. Spread a blanket on the floor and sit down on it. Then, straighten up your spine well and the buttocks should be above your knees. While moving your belly forward and shoulders back, do it with an inhale. And, get back with your belly moving backward, shoulders forward, while exhaling. Do this yogasan atleast 5-6 times.

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3. Gomukhasana

Gomukhasana, also known as the cow face pose helps with digestion and can treat your stomach after overeating a meal. The cow face pose helps in flexing your spine and the stomach muscles, hence making the digestion process easier. Firstly, you have to take your left leg and place your ankle near the left buttock. Then, take your right leg and keep it on the left leg so that both the knees of the two legs are touching each other. Use both of your hands and place them at the back so that the right-hand meets the left hand. Remember to keep your back straight while doing this. Hold this yoga pose for atleast 30 seconds to 1 minute. You can repeat this after changing the position.

4. Bow pose

bow pose

The bow pose helps in massaging and enhancing the function of your digestive organs to the floor. You can lie down on your stomach and bend your legs at the knees. Try to touch back and grab the ankles using your arms and hands. Instead of lifting your body up, you can let your ankles to go backwards, like you are stretching your shoulders as much as you can, also allowing your chest to come off the floor. You have to hold this asana along with your breath to gently move the body back and forth in a to and fro movement. You can do this yoga pose for as many times as you are comfortable.

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5. Garland pose

Garland pose can help if you are feeling bloated and indigestion. This pose helps in removing the extra food you overate. It is a great help in letting it release from the body. Garland pose is a natural way to fight indigestion. You can squat with your feet keeping them as wide as your shoulders. And, if your heels are not touching the floor, then put a blanket under your heels to support your feet for proper balance in this pose. You can stretch your spine and widen the space in the front of your chest and breathe deeply.

These were some yoga poses that can be performed after eating and can prove to be beneficial for digestion, especially if you have overeaten. These yogasanas help in transporting blood to the digestive organs and also help in regulating the your abdominal organs and bowel movement. However, it is important to make sure that you should wait for some time after having your food before you start doing any of the above listed yoga poses. If you are suffering from any medical condition, it is better to talk to an expert or doctor before trying these yoga poses at home after dinner.

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