Yoga For Bad Breath: Do The Yonishunya Mudra To Save Yourself From Embarrassing Situations

Bad breath or halitosis can cause severe discomfort, putting you in embarrassing situations. You can eliminate this problem from the root with the regular practice of yonishunya mudra

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Oct 30, 2019
Yoga For Bad Breath: Do The Yonishunya Mudra To Save Yourself From Embarrassing Situations

Are you one of those who brush twice in a day, floss regularly and are consistent with mouthwashes? This means how particular you are about oral health. However, despite taking all these measures, does bad breath trouble you? This is a severe condition, which can also be an indication of other health hazards. Moreover, bad breath does out you in a tight spot in public places or in situations where you are standing close to others. Even if you think taking all these measures does no good to the situation, then turn to yoga for getting rid of bad breath.

There exist many postures and asanas in yoga, which are done explicitly for oral health. Without resorting to the use of medicines for this condition, one can get their smile back and the confidence in public gatherings by practising specific yoga mudras for bad breath. One such effective yoga posture is the Yonishunya Mudra, which is highly effective in treating bad breath with regular practice.

bad breath yoga asana

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Yonishunya Mudra For Bad Breath

Yogacharya Anupama says that bad breath is a common problem. Those with this condition are often shunned or avoided in public. Also, this greatly affects the self-confidence of those suffering from bad breath problems. Our mouth has some amount of bacteria present in it. Mostly, these are the good bacteria, which is essential to maintain the pH level of the mouth. Due to the stench of sulfur found in the amino acids, which are necessary for digestion, we often have bad breath just like it is after waking up in the morning. These bacteria are so healthy that they also neutralise the mouthwash made from xylitol, trichlogen and essential oil after a certain period. For complete riddance, one can make yoga a lifelong medicine for overall well being.

Wondering how to do this asana, here's what our expert has to say on this:

shunya mudra

According to Yogacharya Anupama, sit at one place with your legs folded. Keep both your hands close. Take your thumb and place it above the index finger's nail. Keep the remaining fingers straight. Take slow, long and deep breaths. You should practice this thrice for 15 minutes. In a few days, you will see how it makes a difference to your oral health. The most important here is to concentrate while performing this yoga exercise.

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Other Benefits of Yonishunya Mudra

The thumb controls the fire within the body. The air element is under control with the index finger. Madhyama and Anamika control the earth element of the body. The little finger keeps the water element under control. While all the elements are benefiting from its continuous practice, it increases the power to control the senses. It also develops the ability to concentrate, eliminates the negative energy of the body and develops positivity. This creates significant pressure on the muscles of the hands, due to which the brain, heart and lungs become healthy.

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