Women’s Day Special: Nutrition Tips For Young Women To Upgrade Their Health Game

A woman must understand these needs when they are young and adopt a lifestyle with a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, and regular physical activity.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 06, 2020 15:56 IST
Women’s Day Special: Nutrition Tips For Young Women To Upgrade Their Health Game

The twenty-first century has given the age-old saying, “health is wealth” a modern twist, where maintaining good health has indeed become a luxury. Because, while health still is paramount, maintaining it rarely comes naturally to anyone anymore. Young people nowadays struggle the most to maintain a healthy diet and get regular sleep. Young people, women especially, should make healthy eating their top priority, as there is no better alternative to maintain a fit and robust life.

This International Women’s Day, like every other year, we are going to celebrate women and their multiple roles in society. However, while carrying out these multiple roles daily, their health often takes a backseat until it is too late. Women during their youth have the highest requirement of a healthy diet. However, the hectic lifestyle of a teenager or a college student very often interferes with healthy eating and sleeping patterns. Besides, comes the nightmare of hormonal change that often leads to several other challenges like premenstrual syndrome or PMS, and body image issues, all of which can take a toll on a woman’s physical and mental health.

Food, Diet And Nutrition

To deal with these, you need a strong body and mind, which can be achieved only through the adoption of a healthy eating style, proper physical activity and adequate amount of rest. But considering the tug of war between adhering to home-made food and coping with peer pressure to look and eat a certain way, maintaining a healthy life sure looks like a challenge.

During each stage of life, women have different nutritional needs. To ease out the trouble of deciding what to eat to stay healthy, we have put together a small checklist of things you should include in your daily meal to have stable and fulfilling health throughout your life.

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Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables contain all prime nutrients that are good for everyone, from a child to a grown person. An adult woman is recommended to consume at least 100g of leafy vegetables per day as compared to 40g for a man. Spinach tops the list of most popular green vegetables, followed by fenugreek, mint, swiss chard and collard greens.

Fortified food

fortefied food

Women usually suffer from micronutrient deficiencies due to the lack of essential vitamins and minerals in their daily meals. In such a situation, fortified foods (foods with extra nutrients), help address the micronutrient gap. Fortified and enriched foods are essential for a healthy, nutrient-rich diet. For example, Nu-Shakti’s Powermix for rice (fortified rice kernels) and Powermix for atta (fortified atta/flour). Fortified food can help fight many nutrition-related diseases in an early stage.

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Calcium and Vitamin D

vitamin d

The goodness of calcium is known to all. It keeps our bones strong and is the key to maintaining bone health and avoiding backaches for women in the post-menopausal stages. Foods such as curd, dates, broccoli, non-fat milk are rich sources of calcium. A daily intake of vitamin D supplement is a must. Indian women are more prone to vitamin D deficiency, as a majority of them tend to be indoors and lack adequate sunlight. Apart from sunlight, other good sources of vitamin D are fatty fish, egg yolks, soy milk, tuna etc.


Organic food

Food adulteration is a great concern in the current times. We often come across multiple cases of adulterated fruits, vegetables and other food items that have led to many health issues like heart diseases, obesity and eating disorders. Opting for organically produced fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, nuts and seeds is highly recommended.

Plenty of fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are loaded with essential vitamins and carbohydrates. Naturally sweet fresh fruits are also good sources of water. Including fruits in your daily meals is an easy and tasty way of keeping hydrated throughout the day.


In conclusion, this Women’s Day, let us encourage young people everywhere, especially women to give themselves the gift of fitness, through healthy and sustainable eating habits.

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