Women See More Colours than Everyone Else

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jul 03, 2012

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A recent study has confirmed that men are less likely to tell the difference between hues. The study found that while one in 12 men is colour blind, only one in 255 women is so. According to the researchers at the Newcastle University, some women may be able to see 99 million more colours than what an average human being can.

Vision is one of the most complicated of all the senses and the eyes see colours when they are broken down by ocular cells called cones. Each cone in a person’s eyes lets him/her see over 100 shades.

The researchers of the study found out that in all the studies done on colour blindness that dated back to 1948, colour blindness seemed to run in the families, though it only seemed to affect men.

Men, who were colour blind, seemed to have two normal cones along with a mutant cone while the women in the family had three normal cones and a mutant cone. The study’s author Dr Gabriele Jordan said that just how there are trichromatics i.e. people with three cones, there are tetrachormats i.e. people with four cones.

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