Women’s reproductive health issues

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Jan 28, 2013

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One needs to understand in detail what constitutes a woman’s reproductive health before we delve into women’s reproductive health issues. Reproductive health constitutes of vaginal hygiene, issues pertaining to infertility or fertility, contraception, uterus and sexually transmitted diseases. A woman must take care of the aforesaid areas for a healthy reproductive system to sustain over a period of time.

Reproductive health issues often deal with the biomedical, financial and behavioural traits that help them to examine the woman’s reproductive system in greater detail. This careful study therefore, is a meticulous procedure of finding out the nature of functioning and sustainability of the organs that usually have the tendency to get infected very easily. The best way to keep a check on the reproductive health of a woman is to consult the doctor periodically and perform the required tests from time to time for detection of infections or internal injury.

Apart from that, women’s reproductive health issues can be modulated by keeping them informed and insist on maintaining extra precaution when it comes to hygiene. This is because, at times, dormant symptoms turn severe at a later stage, thereby refusing to show up early for an early detection, as well. For example, HIV or other AIDS, occasionally, see cases where the patient was detected osf it in her last stages.

Also, most women must try and exercise control over their pregnancy. Repeated miscarriage, still births or even a long record of child bearing capacity can reduce the performance, stamina and health of the reproductive system considerably.

Another factor that keeps women from maintaining a healthy reproductive system is the lack of knowledge, especially in the rural areas. Family planning method and its lack in the implementation stage also leads to several cases of women having ill reproductive health due to excessive child bearing. It is interesting to note how the woman’s reproductive issue would also include breasts, fallopian tubes and cervix. Another fact that is currently being researched upon by researchers internationally is the case of gender-based violence which is very much a part of the domestic affair in the nation or even where you are travelling out of your native place.

The target by many governmental agencies is to lower the maternal mortality rate nationally. This will automatically help women survive and toast your way to good hygiene and health!



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