Be strong by doing heavy lifts

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Nov 02, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Heavy lifting is not just a matter of strength.
  • Tightening muscles before a lift gives you better wrist control.
  • Psychologically, it makes the weight feel comparatively lighter.

Heavy lifting is not just a matter of strength. It is only if you have a few skills up your sleeve that you’ll be able to build more muscle. The grip is one of those skills; when your grip is right, you will have more wrist control which then allows you to focus more muscle fibres, making you stronger.


The simple reason you should get tight before a big lift is to create tension in the muscles. Tightening just before you lift enables better transmission of power. Moreover, tightening the muscles signals your brain to activate more muscle and allow you to lift more and better. Psychologically, it makes the weight feel comparatively lighter. 

The best way to get tight

Arguably, the best way to get tight is to “zip” your muscles up to the joint above them. Start by feeling your feet on the floor. Next, imagine your groin area and shoulders like empty holes, and pull your legs and arm muscles into them.

When you begin a strength movement (such as deadlift or bench press), zip your muscles up and perform the move. Throughout the set, you have to remain zipped. 

The ideal grip when lifting weights off the ground

There are three different styles of grip when it comes to deadlift. These are hook grip, the double overhand grip, and the mixed grip. There is no ideal or the most benefiting grip. You can choose any of three, depending what you are comfortable with. When the grip becomes a limiting factor in your workout, you should try a different one.

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