Why Good Girls Prefer Bad Boys

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Mar 23, 2013

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Why Good Girls Prefer Bad Boys

There is something about bad boys that drives women towards them. The might be a very bad date too but some girls will still cling on to them. The nice guys may do all they can to make their ladies feel special, but many girls still fall for the rowdy dude. There have been some explanations given by people who study human behaviour. They say that it is because women think that they can be the person who will turn this baddie right. It is this feeling of being the great person in the bad guy’s life that makes her withstand even bad behaviour.


Apart from the high moral pedestal that women create for themselves, the real reason is actually the thrill of doing what is not good. It’s the child-like tendency of doing something which is forbidden, such as having chocolate and cheese. Does that mean the nice guys have no chance? This is not the case. Women usually turn a new leaf in their life and get over the phase of liking bad boys.


When it comes down to deciding for a life partner, they would always give preference to the stable and gentle person who can provide for and take care of them. Girls may seem to be gluttons for misery, sticking to the bad guy even though he is a bad date and not only enduring the bad dating but also the rough and uncouth manner, but there comes a time in their life when they see through it all. Around mid-twenties, all girls become a little more mature as they really start to look for someone to spend their lives with.


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