Why Eating Pickles Every Day Is Bad For Your Health

Pickles can be very tasty. Despite the mouth-watering taste, you should be careful to choose your pickles and avoid eating them too often. Eating too many pickles can have side-effects on your health.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Jan 19, 2015Updated at: Jan 20, 2015
Why Eating Pickles Every Day Is Bad For Your Health

Love to eat pickles? Well, who doesn’t, right? What’s there to not like about pickles? Pickles are spicy, pickles are tasty. They make your food tastier. It’s hard to imagine a kitchen without pickles, especially in India. But do we know about the darker side of eating too much of pickles? Don’t worry, once you are done reading, you will have a clear picture about what harm eating too much of pickles can do to your health. You will then be able to enjoy your pickles, well within the reasonable limits, without any risk of side effects.

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Most of the pickles are usually made with a lot of oil, spices and salt regardless of the main ingredient such as carrot, beet, amla or even fish and meat. Pickles, especially packaged ones, are meant to have a long shelf life and therefore are loaded with lot of oil, salt, vinegar and preservatives. But too much of oil, salt and preservatives can be harmful for your health. Several pickles are also high on sugar content which may not be good for people who have diabetes. Packaged pickles are loaded with preservatives that can increase the triglyceride levels in your body. High triglyceride levels can be a bad news for your health as they can lead to risk of several health problems.


Eating too many pickles every day can also push your digestive system off the track causing abdominal discomfort, pain and flatulence. Since too much oil, salt and spices in your diet can cause the digestive secretions to go off balance, it can affect the lining of the digestive system posing increased risk for diarrhoea. Too much salt present in your pickles can also cause your stomach to bloat. The high concentration of sodium in pickles forces the body to retain large amount of water as a natural response. It will result in bloating in your body. If you have a medical condition, the bloating may trigger some severe symptoms requiring quick medical attention.

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The intake of salt in high quantities can also significantly increase blood pressure, which can be a serious problem for people who have medical conditions sensitive to blood pressure. Any sudden spike in the blood pressure may worsen the symptoms of such medical conditions. Spices make an integral part of pickles but spices can also cause intestinal ulcers. Ulcers are common in people persons who eat pickles regularly.

While it is not a bad idea to add taste to your otherwise dull food with the help of pickles, but too much of pickles can also be bad for your health. So, keep your count of pickles moderately low. Also make sure that you choose pickles that are less spicy and contain less amount of oil and salt. With that being said, enjoy your food and pickles too.

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