Why "eat in moderation" doesn't work?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jul 06, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Eating in moderation is a balanced approach to nutrition.
  • It requires you to eat only as much food as your body needs.
  • Reasonable limits is mostly misunderstood.

You must have come across “eat in moderation” and “drink in moderation” many times. Sure, it sounds a great idea which is in the best interests of our health! But, how do you define moderation?


What moderation actually is?

Eating in moderation is the idea that promotes a balanced approach to nutrition and health. It involves restraint (avoidance of excesses). It is a workable concept in which you are required to eat only as much food as your body needs.

Eating in moderation can be defined as eating plan comprising nutritionally dense food which supplies your body with all the nutrients it needs.


Why it doesn’t work?

Individual perception of “eating in moderation” is what makes it irrelevant in most cases. There is a lack of understanding of reasonable limits. What we choose may not be healthy and could be off limits. This lack of understanding affects a person’s ability to set reasonable food limits and he is not sure whether he is engaging in extreme behaviour.

Another aspect of eating in moderation is nutrition. The quality of the food is important. Food such as excess sugar and fat is what our body does not need or want, and is an extreme (excess) behaviour. These foods are nutritionally poor and can have detrimental effect on our body.

Many times we think we are in doing it or feel like right. But then we come across several temptations and visual stimuli make us break the rule. Thereby, your health takes a backseat and your effort of healthy eating gets stalled.

This is really how most people act out moderation with nutrition and the concept of eating in moderation fails.


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