Why Do You Lose Weight When you are Asleep?

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Nov 06, 2012

Lose Weight When you are Asleep

It is a fact that most people weigh their lightest early in the morning, and you can find out the weight that’s been depreciated by weighing yourself at night and then in the morning. But, the obvious question the remains are, how and why do you lose weight? So, don’t be surprised to see that you’re weighing lesser than what you did the night before!


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Fluid Levels in Your Body Affect Body Weight

You will be surprised to note that the main cause for weight loss is the fluid levels of your body. The excess fluid that you had taken in throughout the day has accumulated in the body and moves from your cells into the bloodstream. It then makes its way from there to the kidneys. Hence, you wake up to nature’s call the next morning and urinate.. This contributes to weight loss in a big way, and if you weigh yourself you will find your weight has gone down from what it was the other night.


The Connection between Sleep and Obesity

It has been noted that getting a good night’s sleep can help you to prevent obesity, because sleep deprivation may lead you to exhaustion, you feel hungrier and so you end up eating everything you can lay your hands on. A study at the American Heart Association's scientific sessions in Atlanta found that adults who were sleep-deprived ate an average of 300 more calories per day, and that too from saturated fat. It has been said that most adults require at least 8 hours of sleep in a day, but this could vary from person to person. So, make it a routine to sleep early and wake up only after eight or nine hours of sleep.


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Sleeping is a fundamental human need, even when you may think how good it would be if you could just stay awake, we could have lived much more. But, how much is that living worth, one that is allied with a weak health and obese self.


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