The Weird Reasons Why Humans Cry

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Oct 17, 2017
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  • Tears triggered by emotions make humans different
  • Reason why tears come out of eyes plays important role
  • Crying helps humans display emotional outburst
  • Crying helps human being to bond with each other

Have you even wondered what makes you different from animals? Even if you have, the best possible answer that most of us would receive is that humans have a brain which makes them do things which animals can’t. Well, the reality may be a little different from what you have been thinking all your life.

It isn’t the intellect that we have that sets us apart from fellow living beings. Surprisingly, it is our ability to cry that makes a difference. Or at least it is the production of tears as a reaction to a strong emotion.

Crocodiles are known for firing waterworks regularly and the reason behind it is not known yet. There have been speculations that the tears are shed to soften the food before consuming or it may happen as a result of the squeeze in their lacrimal ducts which takes place when they open their jaws to eat their food. Whatever the reason is, it isn’t a result of grief or remorse.

So, Why do Humans Cry?

The researchers who tried to solve this mystery found that the release of tears from the eyes, where everyone else could see it, has a significant role to play. Tears are social signals which make people around you realize that you are having an emotional outburst. It is for this reason that crying happens in the face and not from your armpits. 

The primary reason of crying has been believed to be a display of weakness. In past, tears may have been used as a surrender flag, signaling that you want the other person to stop harming you and you no longer intend to hurt them.

Need for Help

Experts also believe that crying can be a competent method to convey your fellow humans that you are in need of assistance when you are hurt. Crying has a strong ability to induce empathy.

Another Theory

There is another theory which suggests that crying helps people sympathize with one another or make other people realize that your feelings are true. Humans can easily doubt each other’s intentions. Thus, it can happen that you pay no heed to someone in help who does not show remorse on their face. In cases like such, you may not possess even a single thought for that person. So, yes crying does help humans connect.

So, show your tears occasionally to bond together with your fellow humans.

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