Who Should Not Have Flax Seeds?

Flaxseeds can cause health problems for some people. Know who should avoid flaxseeds.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jun 07, 2021
Who Should Not Have Flax Seeds?

Flaxseeds are reddish-brown crop that have high nutritional value and health benefits. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and fibre. All these nutrients improve the digestive health and help in bringing down the blood pressure. But even after these many benefits, it does have its portion of disadvantages.  Flax seeds or flaxseed oil cannot be consumed with certain medicines and people having some medical conditions. The side effects of flax seeds with them can lead to adverse reactions which can be very harmful for the health. Let us know from Ms. Shweta Singh, Clinical Nutritionist from Apollo Group of Hospitals, Noida about the side effects of flax seeds.


What Happens When Flax seeds interact with medications?

Our expert nutritionist tells us that flax seeds can react to certain medicines in an adverse manner. Flax seeds interfere with absorption of medication in the body, which reduces the effect of medicine and has different side effects. Side effects depend on the type of medication you have taken. Not only has this flaxseed oil also made the person with certain medical condition more severe as it does not let medicines to work. 

According to Ms. Shweta Singh, you should not take flax seeds if you are taking these medications or drug supplements-

  • Blood thinners
  • Aspirin
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen
  • Insulin
  • Glipizide
  • Glyburide
  • Medicines which alter oestrogen levels
  • Medicines that are for constipation
  • Blood pressure lowering medical drugs


Who Should Not Have Flax Seeds?

All these medications are given for a particular cause and the medical condition behind it is important. People having these medical conditions should not take fax seeds or consume flaxseed oil. 

People Suffering from Intestinal Conditions

Those who have any problem regarding their intestines should avoid taking flaxseeds. If people with such condition consume flaxseed oil, then it can increase their bowel movements. Not only this, it can even lead to diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome. Hence it is best for people to stay away from flaxseeds if they have intestinal problems.

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Patients of Scleroderma

It is a long lasting disease which affects your skin, tissues and internal organs. This disease has its affect on lungs and kidney. Taking flaxseeds or consuming flaxseed oil in excessive amount without any liquid can lead to intestinal blockage. This can be very dangerous for patients suffering from scleroderma. 

Expectant Mothers

Women who are trying to conceive should avoid taking flaxseeds. Flaxseeds can actually induce menstrual cycle as it affects the oestrogen levels in the body. Women who are having flaxseeds can pose problems while conceiving and may not be able to conceive too even after trying hard. Therefore expecting mothers should be very aware of what they are eating. 

Having Allergic Reactions

There are chances that eating flaxseeds can cause allergies in some people. But it is mostly when you consume it in excessive amount. So it is kind of a side-effect that happens on the body. People can suffer from swelling, redness, hives, vomiting, itching and nausea if you ingest too much of these seeds.


Medicinal Hazards

Flaxseeds even after being so healthy can actually be harmful in some conditions. As mentioned above flaxseeds absorb the medicinal qualities and can also block the digestive tract. This can cause several health conditions which can impact the health of a person. 

Blood Pressure

Well, it is true that is does help in lowering the blood pressure but it cannot go with any other medical supplements. If you are consuming flaxseeds or flaxseed oil then you can’t take medication for the same or for even some other medical conditions. Taking medicines along with flaxseed can have adverse affect on your health.

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Other Conditions in Which You Should Avoid Flaxseeds

These are list of those medical conditions which does get affected by flaxseeds but can be regulated in some. If you have these medical conditions then you must consult your doctor before taking flax seeds or flaxseed oil. The health conditions include-

  • Bleeding conditions
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Diverticulitis
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Inflammatory Bowel movements
  • Low blood pressure
  • Prostate cancer
  • Underactive thyroid



Flaxseeds are good source of omega-3 fatty acids and may be very beneficial for people of all the ages. But it does have some disadvantages; it cannot be taken with some medical supplements and medical drugs. Infact people with certain medical conditions should also not consume flaxseeds or flaxseed oil as it can have adverse affect on the health. It reduces the effect of medical drugs and can even block the digestive passage which can cause many health problems. It can have its major effect on people with diarrhoea, scleroderma, and blood problems. It can also have major effect on women who are trying to conceive. Hence it is important to consult your doctor before taking flaxseeds if you have any medical condition.

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