What Types Of Hair Loss Pattern Can Be Signs Of Baldness? Know Causes And Prevention Techniques

You never know when hair loss an turn into baldness. Hence know what types of hair fall pattern are responsible for baldness and precautions required

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 02, 2021Updated at: Apr 02, 2021
What Types Of Hair Loss Pattern Can Be Signs Of Baldness? Know Causes And Prevention Techniques

Looks and style has been evident as key to determine a person’s identity. People try to keep up with the latest trends in styles, whether be it clothes, eating habits or looks. Everyone wants to look good and hence they have a unique style of grooming and dressing. Hairstyles are an important factor which determines the way a person looks. But even after trying you end up having hair loss and baldness. Frequent hair loss can result in baldness; therefore it is important to know about hair loss causes which lead to baldness and their prevention methods. 

Why Does Baldness Occur? 

OnlyMyHealth talked to Dr. Amit Chaterjee, Dermatologist and Hair Specialist from Kailash Hospital, Pune. He said there are several factors which can cause baldness but mostly it occurs through either age factor, consumption of drugs or due to hereditary factor. Baldness can be temporary if it is due to some medication but if it is hereditary or due to age, there are less chances that you may regain your hair.  Around 45-50% of men after the age of 50 are affected with pattern baldness to some extent. Androgens are the hormones which are related to hair loss, in young adults’ hair loss or baldness can be due to Hormonal changes as well. 


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Symptoms and Types of Hair Loss Pattern 

Hair loss leads to baldness and it can happen in many different ways. These are called hair loss patterns. Let us understand what type of hair loss patterns are there which leads to baldness. 

1# Circular or Patchy Bald Spots- It is possible that you start losing your hairs in circular patches which can also be bald spots on scalp. This generally happens from back side of where you part your hairs. 

2# Gradual Thinning on Top of Head- This is one of the major causes of baldness in men. This is majorly due to age factor, people over 45 years of age start losing their hairs gradually and their hairs become thin. Women typically have broadening affect in their hair. It happens in women from where they part their hairs mostly, the hairs in that area slowly become thinner and hair loss increases. In men it mostly happens through he forehead and then goes to the middle patch. 

3# Sudden Hair Fall- A mental trauma or emotional shock can trigger the growth of hair, it can also lead to baldness but mostly there are chances that hair comes back after a particular time. This happens in adults who have suffered some great loss or mishap in recent history. Handful of hairs may fall while combing or even gently tugging the hairs. This causes temporary baldness sometimes. 


4# Full body Hair Loss- This happens due to a medical condition during a treatment. It is most evident during cancer treatment- chemotherapy. It results in loss of hairs from all over the body. It causes baldness. The good part is that hairs usually grow back after the treatment is over.  

5# Patches of Scaling That Spread Over the Scalp- This hair loss pattern is a sign of ringworm. It may be accompanied by broken hair, redness, swelling and oozing. This can cause baldness in some areas of the scalp.  

Causes of Baldness

Heredity- The most common cause of baldness is hereditary condition where the baldness problem is carried on from your parents.  

  • Hormonal Changes- Many conditions can cause permanent or temporary baldness, hormonal changes is one of them. It can occur to women during pregnancy because there is a huge hair damage or due to thyroid. Medical condition can also cause baldness such as ringworm, hair pulling disorder or scalp infections. 
  • Medication or Supplements- There are medications for cancer, arthritis, depression and heart problems which can result to temporary baldness. It is due to side effect of a drug. 
  • Radiation Therapy- In this condition the hair may not grow back and can cause permanent baldness. 
  • Emotional Stress- A very stressful event can also cause hair loss, if the stress does not settle down for several months it can slowly result in baldness.  
  • Hairstyles and Treatment- Excessive hair styling and putting on different chemicals, hair colour, and hot oil treatments can result to quick hair loss. It lowers the density of hairs and there are chances of going bald. 

Prevention Techniques for Baldness 

  • Be gentle with your hairs while brushing, combing especially when your hairs are wet. 
  • Consult your doctor to find out if there are any medications which can cause hair loss. 
  • Protect your hairs from direct sunlight and other sources of UV rays. 
  • Do not smoke, smoking can increase the chances of baldness in men.  
  • If you are going through chemotherapy, ask your doctor for a cooling cap which can reduce the risk of losing your hairs during the treatment. 

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Baldness is majorly caused due to hereditary factor but there can be other factors which can result in permanent hair loss. It can happen due to medications, hair treatments, stress and hormonal changes. If there are symptoms of hair loss patterns which are evident then you should consult a doctor. Know about the cause and type of baldness you may have and prevent it. 

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