What is the treatment of Menopause and Bladder Control?

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Aug 22, 2012

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Talk to your health care team. You may have stress or urge incontinence, but other things could also be happening. Medicines and exercises can restore bladder control in many cases. Your doctor will give you a checkup first.


It depends on what kind of bladder control problem you have. Your health care team may also recommend some of the following:

  • limiting caffeine
  • exercising pelvic muscles
  • training the bladder to hold more urine

If these simple treatments do not work, your health care team may have you try something different. These treatments might include

  • biofeedback
  • electrical stimulation of pelvic muscles
  • a device inserted in the vagina to hold up the bladder
  • a device inserted directly into the urethra to block leakage
  • surgery to lift a sagging bladder into a better position


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