What are the symptoms of Hirschsprung Disease?

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Jan 07, 2013

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Symptoms of HD usually show up in very young children. But sometimes they don't appear until the person is a teenager or an adult. The symptoms are a little different for different ages.

Symptoms in Newborns

Newborns with HD don't have their first bowel movement when they should. These babies may also throw up a green liquid called bile after eating and their abdomens may swell. Discomfort from gas or constipation might make them fussy. Sometimes, babies with HD develop infections in their intestines.

Symptoms in Young Children

Most children with HD have always had severe problems with constipation. Some also have more diarrhea than usual. Children with HD might also have anemia, a shortage of red blood cells, because blood is lost in the stool. Also, many babies with HD grow and develop more slowly than they should.

Symptoms in Teenagers and Adults

Like younger children, teenagers and adults with HD usually have had severe constipation all their lives. They might also have anemia.

Those with anemia look pale and tire easily.


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