What are the Symptoms of Developmental Dyspraxia

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Jun 28, 2011
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  • Children with dyspraxia exhibit very high levels of motor activities.
  • They demonstrate high levels of excitability.
  • They have limited response to verbal instruction.
  • Their concentration levels are also limited.

Dyspraxia is a disorder that affects motor skill development, strength and coordination—and may be the reason behind your child’s difficulties. While dyspraxia is not a learning disability (LD), many children with LD also show signs of dyspraxia.

Symptoms of Dyspraxia

Children with dyspraxia may find it difficult to:

Gross (Large) Motor Skills

  • Hold objects without dropping them.
  • Navigate physical space; he often bumps into people and things.
  • Keep their balance when moving about.
  • Learn to walk, jump and skip.
  • Carry out games and activities that requires good hand-eye coordination

Symtoms of Developmental Dyspraxia

Fine (Small) Motor Skills

  • Do Simple tasks, such as combing hair or waving goodbye.
  • Grasp and write/draw with pencils and crayons.
  • Work buttons, snaps and zippers.
  • Learn how to tie shoes.
  • Speak
  • Modulate their voice (volume, speed and pitch).
  • Get his mouth muscles and tongue to “work right” when saying certain words.
  • Memorise and Focus
  • Remember and carry out multi-step tasks, such as making a bed.

Spatial Relationships

  • Accurately position or move objects from one place to another, such as pieces on a game board or puzzle pieces.

If your child struggles through simple activities like brushing teeth, knows the correct words to use but can’t get the right “mouth muscle” to coordinate while speaking, and tends to bump into things or has poor grip, these are enough warning signs for you to take them to a paediatrician. Seeking medical attention will help identify and address the child’s disability soon and ensure better results.

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