What are a few creative activities for children?

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Feb 06, 2013

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Nowadays computer and TV are stiff competition for outdoor activities and games. Likewise, the parents may also find TV as a tempting babysitter. But according to a research, watching too much TV can hamper your child’s imagination, creative and cognitive abilities. As a parent you should encourage both outdoor and creative activities. Read on how to encourage activities in your child.

  • Create a timetable for your child’s TV watching and for computer games Encourage them to interact with other kids in the locality and ask them to participate in outdoor activities.
  • Let your child join sports teams as they provide great physical exercise and team activity encourage enthusiasm.
  • Engage your child in creative activities like painting, pottery and art classes.
  • Set a schedule where you play with your child.
  • During summer vacations, get them enrolled in hobby classes, or swimming classes.
  • Challenge your child and his or her friend to activities such as who can paint better, make doll from rag, shoot the most baskets. Kids love to compete but make sure they take winning and losing in a healthy stride.

In addition give your child a variety of playthings like jigsaw puzzles, tool kits that encourage thinking. Playthings of different kinds of play experiences stimulate growth of brain and creativity.



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