What to Expect in Tween Years?

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Sep 14, 2011

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As children start to grow into teens, there are some very noticeable emotional and physical changes in them. It is both exciting and challenging for the parents to watch their kids gradually go into the next phase of their life. They should welcome the changes that they see in their child as mentioned below. 


Development in Tweens

  • Better communication - Tweens begin to communicate their emotions in much clearer terms. Earlier, your child was likely to get angry but not be able to express what made him so. As a tween, she is most likely to express it. This poses a challenge for you as a parent to keep guessing your child’s mood and what makes him happy or grumpy. Your aim should be keep the kid’s expressions moderate. Violent outbursts, physical or vocal, or disrespectful behaviour should not be encouraged. The child should be made to realise the outcome of his behaviour and ways to control it.
  • Moody behaviour – Such behaviour in tweens can be the very irritating for parents. Several factors contribute in bringing about this situation. Girls and boys have their own issues for which they need counselling. Puberty and menstruation, peer pressure and pressure for performance in school and the hormonal changes in a girl can make her really anxious. Boys also face similar problems of performance pressure, peer pressure and interaction with girls. Abrupt irritable behaviour can result from these anxieties. Help them inculcate the habit of listening to music, reading a book or anything which helps them deal with his raging emotions positively.
  • Image conscious girls – Although this affects the boys too, girls are more likely to become too self-conscious with peer pressure and the negative impact the media has on their psyche. It is often seen that girls start believing that they are not as smart, talented, pretty or likeable as others. You should reassure your girl and make her feel as special as anyone she feels is very likeable.
  • Development of reasoning – With the development of their brains, tweens may begin to challenge you for inconsistency in your reasoning. They do this to negotiate with you and may express a view which you had never anticipated or ever considered. It would leave a negative impact if you bulldozed your authority on him and do not answer him properly. Tell him that you need time to think over this and you may want to even appreciate your child in showing a new point of view.


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