What does Intimate Relationship Mean?

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Sep 13, 2011

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Intimate coupleAn intimate relationship or a sexual relationship can be defined as relationship where the couples are involved physically and emotionally as well. This is primarily determined by passion and attraction, apart from love and commitment. Intimacy in a relationship help couples to decide emotional attachments and determine their sense of security. Apart from that, an intimate relationship keeps intact the desire to belong together because they’re connected to each other at an emotional level apart from just the physical aspect of a relationship. There’s a sense of belongingness and affection.

The following points will help you understand the concept at large:

  • Couples enjoying intimacy in their relationship tend to be dependent on each other.
  • There is always a sense of fulfilment of need in an intimate relationship. This can be emotional, social and sexual.
  • An intimate relationship is at times confused with attraction, infatuation and other throes of passion. People sharing intimacy should be cautious of the above to avoid pain and distrust in the coming days.


Apart from that, an intimate relationship might not be always about a sexual intercourse. One has to be emotionally attached in order to have a fulfilling physical relationship and that is what defines intimacy at a more personal level. An intimate couple will be instinctive about their partner’s likes and dislikes making every experience of being together complete.

According to researches, an individuals involved in intimate relationships also tend to understand themselves better  reflecting on knowing what they want apart from being connected to their partners.


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