Relationship Tips: What Is A Healthy And Intimate Relationship?

 We often misunderstand intimate relationships. Know about its meaning and ways to lead a healthy relationship. 

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Feb 18, 2020 19:10 IST
Relationship Tips: What Is A Healthy And Intimate Relationship?

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If one digs up onto the literal meaning of an intimate relationship, it refers to reach on the point of emotional attachment. People often fall for each other, in the name of bodily desires and aesthetic comfort, they start naming it an "intimate relationship." In an actual sense when two people have traveled the cycle of time for a long time and are still in deep love, their relationship has marked the skies of intimacy. Physical reliance and emotional dependency are two main key points of an intimate relationship. In an era where people are always short of time, investing time in a relationship becomes a very big deal. Though the other, realistic perspective says that it is we who have prioritized time according to our needs and we can't blame our lifestyle for that. 

How to know that you are in an intimate relationship:

If your gestures talk

Words are the expressing factors, it is a wholesome mode of communication. If your partner understands your mood even if you haven't said a word. This also depicts the fact that you have bagged the stage of emotional attachment. In a study, it was shown that people who understand their partners well without actual communication are living in a healthy relationship. 


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Personal space

Intimate relationship is often misunderstood as being overtly engaged in each other's personal space. This is not the actual meaning of being in an intimate relationship. Hinderance of one's personal space is usually tolerated by their partner thinking that it is the right thing but somewhere inside it is sulking their partner. In an intimate relationship, you never have to ask for space, it becomes obvious. 

Unafraid of being judged

If you still tend to hide a few things from your partner about your past or present life just because you think they'll judge. In that condition, you are certainly not there on the intimate stage. Getting in physical affairs with your partner does not take you to the benchmark of an intimate relationship. It is quite obvious that in a fresh relationship you can't be too outspoken but with the passage to time you need to develop a trustworthy bond. As time sweeps up you'll cherish each other's togetherness, in the other case hiding things can deepen up the crack leaving no chances of healing that ever again. 


Things you should avoid to keep your relationship healthy: 

Being not natural

We are all inspired by the Bollywood version of 'being in love.' Seeing this we often tend to put extra effort into our relationship. These could be disappointing if the efforts are not mutual. One should let their relationship respire the natural air and fall for each other more with the passage of each day. 


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Lose identity

One should not develop a relationship on the foundation of self-respect at stake. Losing identity just for pampering your partner will never lead to a longterm healthy relationship. 


In this competitive era we often compare our partner with others. This can be demeaning for them, they may find it depressive. One should cherish the uniqueness of their partner.

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