What are 10 different ways to Lose Weight without Dieting?

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Jul 05, 2011

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By making simple changes in your daily lifestyle and some intelligent dietary and exercise modifications, you can effortlessly lose weight without actually dieting.


Tips to lose weight without dieting

  1. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast will help you maintain a low BMI and avert overeating throughout the day.
  2. Say no to sweetened drinks or replacing them with natural fruit juices, iced tea or herbal tea, you can easily do away with some empty calories.
  3. Introduce super-nutritious portions of fruits and vegetables like vegetable salads or soups at every meal will reduce the calorie-intake considerably.
  4. Substitute refined grain food items such as white bread, cakes, cookies. Whole grains versions will shave excess caloric-intake and add the all-imperative fiber to your diet.
  5. Eata healthy snack or drink a big glass of water prior to eating. reasonably smaller portions. Do away with mindless snacking at night as it simply means piling on extra flab.
  6. Wherever possible, it is highly recommended to use low-fat versions of food products such as salad dressings, milk, mayonnaise, dairy products, chips.
  7. A low-fat, protein-rich diet including eggs, beans, nuts, lean meats, skinless poultry, and toned dairy products are ideal to keep hunger pangs at bay.
  8. Use water as a remedy to subdue hunger pangs at odd hours as it will keep your appetite under control.
  9. Get adequate sleep as it has a direct impact on the weight loss process. By sleeping well, you feel energized and avoid stress-eating emotional eating.


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