What Causes Sudden Joint Pain? Read Causes and Tips For Management

Sudden joint pain is a rising health concern which needs to be addressed. Read this article for detailed information.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 29, 2022Updated at: Aug 29, 2022
What Causes Sudden Joint Pain? Read Causes and Tips For Management

Joint pain is a rising concern among people of all age groups. Earlier, it was perceived as an age-related problem caused due to wear and tear but now even young adults are complaining of joint pain. While there could be an underlying issue, it is not always that joint pain is caused due to a health concern. Instead, it might signal towards a potential threat like arthritis. Sudden joint pain, on the other hand, could be due to extreme physical activity, sprains and strains. In this article, Dr. Lingaraju AP, Sr. Orthopaedic surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Bangalore explains the causes, symptoms and management of sudden joint pains.

What are the underlying conditions of joint pain?

There are certain underlying issues that affect your joints and may trigger pain. Consider these issues if you experience painful joints:

  • Acute injury due to an accident
  • Synovitis of joint( When synovium,a connective tissue inside the joint capsule becomes swollen or inflamed
  • Arthritis of joint and wear and tear of the joints.

What are the warning signs for sudden joint pain?

Your joints may pain suddenly but you need not worry every time. Sometimes, it could be due to strain or muscle tension. Only if it is frequent, persistent and acute, you should be worried. Doctor has shared these warning signs of sudden joint pain that, if you experience, should report to a doctor immediately:

  • Sudden onset of pain
  • Inflammation or swelling of the joints
  • Problem in standing and walking
  • Limitations in movements
Sudden Joint Pain causes

A lot of people ignore these warning signs which leads them to develop serious complications. Joint pain can lead to arthritis and osteoarthritis conditions that remain for a lifetime.

What are the treatments for sudden joint pain?

Immediate treatments are ice pack, rest, crepe bandage and analgesics. If you experience sudden joint pain, make use of these firsthand treatment options to get immediate relief. These are helpful in providing aid to inflammation that is the primary cause of joint pain. This would reduce the risk of developing complications.

If you don’t get significant relief in the symptoms and continue to have pain in your joints, seek medical help. Go to an orthopaedic doctor and get your joints scanned. Based on the results of the medical analysis, the doctor would suggest treatment.

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Sudden Joint Pain treatment

Is surgery necessary for joint pain?

It is a common myth that joint problems can only be treated through surgeries. Some people directly ask for surgeries to get relief which is not the right practice. As per doctor, first we need to diagnose the problem and treat accordingly with medication. If not responding to medical management surgery will be essential based on the problem.

Joint pain should not be ignored as it can create complications for you. Sudden and acute joint pain needs to be immediately reported to a doctor for early diagnosis and timely treatment.

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