What are the Causes of Monomelic Amyotrophy?

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Oct 31, 2014

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  • Loss of motor neurons takes place in the condition.
  • Weakness and wasting of a single limb also occurs.
  • The condition can be mostly found in men.
  • The causes of the condition are yet to be known.

What is Monomelic Amyotrophy?

Monomelic amyotrophy (MMA) is a condition of the nerves called motor neurons that are responsible for controlling voluntary muscles. The condition causes no pain. MMA occurs in males aged between ages 15 and 25. The onset and progression of the disease are slow. The condition can be mostly found in Asia, particularly in countries like Japan and India.

Monomelic Amyotrophy Causes

Treatment for Monomelic Amyotrophy

There is no cure for MMA. However, the treatment consists of muscle strengthening exercises and training in hand coordination.

What is the Prognosis for Monomelic Amyotrophy?

The symptoms of MMA usually grow slowly for one or two years and then become stable. The disability remains slight. In rare cases, the weakness progresses to the opposite limb.

Monomelic Amyotrophy Causes

Causes of Monomelic Amyotrophy

In most cases, the cause is unknown, although there have been a few published reports linking MMA to traumatic or radiation injury. There are also familial forms of MMA.

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